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Guide for the study of Rhode Island history

The Heritage Harbor Foundation Grant Application Guidelines

The Heritage Harbor Foundation focuses on Six Big Ideas in Rhode Island history. They are listed below and contain links to detailed charts. (Note that the first chart is an overview of all the themes.)

Grant Application Parameters

The Process

The Heritage Harbor Foundation expects to distribute $120,000 to $130,000 each year in small, competitively-awarded grants of between $5,000 and $15,000, to twelve or fewer registered 501(c)3 organizations active in the state of Rhode Island (non-registered organizations or individuals are advised to seek a fiscal sponsor). Grants greater than $15,000 may be considered in exceptional instances. Applications will be due no later than midnight October 1st. Grant awards will be announced in late December.

The Application

You must fill out an application and submit it via the Foundation’s website. No paper copy submittals will be considered for award. The application is divided into three parts:

Applications will be “scored” according to the following criteria:

50% on the impact, originality and viability of the proposed initiative, with points awarded for:

50% on how well the proposal embraces the goals of The Heritage Harbor Foundation, with points awarded for:

Additional Materials

For proposals that specifically seek to “uncover hidden aspects of Rhode Island history,” we require evidence (for example, reference to Rhode Island: A Bibliography of Its History, Univ. Press of NE, 1983, and updates: 1989, 1995, 2003, 2013) that this work will avoid duplication and/or build on prior scholarship.

Any proposal that includes scholarly research should describe the scholarly qualifications of participants. All successful grantees will be required to submit a short final report once the program or project has ended. This should include a quantitative and qualitative analysis of how expectations have been met, as well as plans for continuing or expanding the initiative. Submission of the report is a prerequisite to be considered for another grant from the Foundation. The report must be submitted via email in a digital format. Heritage Harbor Foundation will post a digital application form on its website each July 1st. The application form will be available until the deadline on October 1st. All awardees must skip one grant cycle before applying again.

Heritage Harbor Foundation Grant Application

The application will consist of:

I. Organization profile

II. Existing program or project that will be enhanced with this grant

III. Proposed initiative that will provide a vital, supplemental margin

Find the grant application form here >

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