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Grants Award Program for 2019 Totals $86,155

Dr. Patrick T. Conley, President of the Heritage Harbor Foundation and Russell DeSimone, the Foundation’s Grants Coordinator, announced that the Foundation has awarded $86,155 in grant money for 2019 to twelve local organizations. The purpose of the grants is to support projects aimed at increasing the awareness of Rhode Island adults and school-age students of their historical, ethnic, and cultural heritage.

In its first three years of making selective and competitive awards, the Rhode Island Foundation has granted more than $400,000 to Rhode Island’s historical and cultural organizations. For 2020 the Foundation will continue to make selective awards only, including the publication of books by its affiliate, the Rhode Island Publications Society, biographical research by the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame, and the establishment of a Museum of South Providence History in St. Michael’s Church, but will take a one-year hiatus from making competitive awards because of the size and expense of these internal projects.

Inquiries for more information about the Foundation’s grant program should be addressed to

The Heritage Harbor Foundation
1445 Wampanoag Trail Suite #201
Attention: Russell J. DeSimone, Grants Committee Chairman

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