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Guide for the study of Rhode Island history

Heritage Harbor Foundation: Grants for Rhode Island History Projects

The Heritage Harbor Foundation believes that an understanding of history and heritage enhances personal self-esteem, instills in individuals and communities a sense of place, and leads to greater civic engagement.

To this end, The Heritage Harbor Foundation will provide grants to augment the audience, impact, or sustainability of existing programs, projects or initiatives aimed at increasing familiarity with Rhode Island history. Thus, the Foundation seeks to fund the vital, ‘essential extra’ that will:

The Heritage Harbor Foundation is the successor body to the Heritage Harbor Corporation, which was organized in 1996 to develop a Rhode Island state history museum based on Six Big Ideas or themes:

Our mission now is to award grants that will carry out the wishes of the donors and supporters of the original museum project that fell victim to the economic downturn of 2008.

Instead of programs taking place at the intended site in a retrofitted power plant, programs of the same nature will appear at other museums scattered around the state or be implemented by publications on Rhode Island’s history and heritage.

With that in mind we have posted the Six Big Ideas or themes on this website, broken down into dozens of smaller topics to be the subject of programs in public spaces. We have also posted guidelines for grant applicants seeking funds to accomplish these projects.

Read about the 2016 Grant Awards here >

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